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Summer Youth Leadership Program

Summer Youth Leadership Program

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Summer Youth
Leadership Program

Our goals are to increase awareness of community needs and opportunities by getting involved and by engaging students in community projects that will focus on teamwork, developing leadership skills, decision-making and time management skills.

Session 1: Discover report personality profile

The discovery report is based on the results of an online personality test. This report is great for teens trying to figure out their strengths and how to leverage them for a future career.

Session 2: Nutrition with sprouts farmers market/physical training

Description: Healthy eating and exercise are both crucial to our well-being. We will learn about nutritional meals and exercises to include in your daily activity.

Session 3:
Fundraiser: Door of Hope and Relay for Life

Description: We will be participating in the Door of Hope and Relay for Life fundraiser. By hosting and participating in this event, you will learn about the commitment, dedication, and hard work put in to conducting a fundraiser.

Session 4: Chamber of Commerce

Description: Learn about the Norwalk Chamber of Commerce and how they help local business owners.

Session 5: City Council meeting

Description: We will be attending the Norwalk City Council meeting to gain some knowledge on how local ordinances are passed and the importance of community leadership