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What is Door of Hope?

The Door of Hope is being established in the city of Norwalk as a resource for “at risk” middle and high school youth within the Norwalk area and the surrounding cities. In addition to the tutoring program, the Door of Hope will provide other programs to support the needs of the community. These programs will provide assistance and counseling for those within the community facing hardships. (Click on “Programs”) The programs under the direction of Door to Hope will provide the different audiences within the community additional much needed resources.

Is the Door of Hope a free service?

Yes, the Door of Hope is a free service. Thanks to our most valued donors, the Door of Hope will provide a service to those in need of our programs.

How does Door of Hope maintain its operations?

The Door of Hope is a non-profit organization. The Door of Hope will rely on support from the businesses, both private and corporate, as well as private donors. We will also be holding various fundraisers to bring support from the community which will bring unity and promote growth to the Door of Hope.

If I want to provide support to the Door of Hope, what can I do?

There are many ways to support the Door of Hope. Please take time to review our programs and find an area of which you feel most connected with and give us a call to see find out what our needs are in that particular area you have chosen. Whether our support is monetary, volunteering your time, donating goods that suit our organization, the Door of Hope greatly appreciates your desire to make a difference in the precious lives of our youth and their families.

Do not forget, all contributions are tax deductible per 501(c)(3) regulations.

Who is able to receive assistance from the programs offered by the Door to Hope?

The Door of Hope welcomes everyone to give us a call. Our main focus in “Phase 1” is the student in need of rebuilding and reclaiming a positive attitude toward their education and life situations. The Door of Hope will be focused on restoring the “at-risk” student and mentoring the student through a new threshold to a better future along with their family. All people who come to the Door of Hope will be brought before the Board of Directors along with our executive staff and approved according to the needs of the student and their family.

I am lacking in my grades, how do I get into the tutoring program?

The Door of Hope has a strong desire in providing the resource for the “at-risk” middle and high school student in the City of Norwalk and the surrounding cities. Each student’s case will be reviewed by the Board of Directors based on their current school situation and recommendations from their teachers, counselors and principles.

Who will be tutoring the student?

The Door of Hope will provide various teachers and/or students who are recommended by the principles of the Norwalk schools. The student tutors will be approved by the Board of Directors as they are recommended by our local schools. All personal will be “live scanned” prior to becoming a volunteer of any kind within the Door of Hope.

I am a high school/college student in need of credits serving a non-profit organization such as Door of Hope. How can I become a tutor for the students in need?

The Door of Hope welcomes your desire to participate in our quest to rebuild reclaim and restore the “at-risk” student back to being a quality student. You will need to submit a recommendation letter from your Principal or Counselor requiring your hours needed and a copy of your transcripts. The information you provide will go before our executive staff and our board. We will review your packet and inform you when/if you can be of service to the Door of Hope.

I am a teacher, how do I recommend a student in need of your tutoring program?

The Door of Hope welcomes teacher/Principal/Counselor recommendations. The Door of Hope receives “at-Risk” middle and high school students who have the desire to reestablish their life in school and in our community. All recommendations are welcome and will be reviewed and approved by our staff prior to starting the program.

I want to volunteer my time, how can I help?

The Door of Hope welcomes all who have a strong, committed desire to help. There are many ways you can help the Door of Hope. Call our office to set up appointment. Please bring a heart to serve.

I would like to donate certain items for a program, what items ae you accepting?

The Door of Hope thanks you for your generosity. Because we are a non-profit organization dependent on donors such as yourself, we welcome your gifts. You can give us a call or review the lists provided on our website for further information of our needs to keep our organization moving forward. Remember, all contributions are tax deductible per 501(c)(3) regulations.

What are your future plans for Door of Hope ?

The Door of Hope will always seek to grow and improve our services to the community. We will be developing our programs and expanding our reach as resources permits.

How do I ensure my monetary donation goes directly to the Door of Hopes primary mission?

Understandably as a donor to the Door of Hope you want your gift to be directed toward the mission of our organization. When you donate to the Door of Hope you may direct your donation for a specific program by writing it on your check or giving us a brief letter of recommendations. Please understand the most useful donation is an unrestricted donation. This allows the Door of Hope to allocate your donation to the area of greatest need. Whatever the case, the Door of Hope is truly grateful as you partner with us in serving the needs of our community.